Plant Nursery Inventory

My wee plant nursery

*Announcement*: As some of you may know, I am moving to Clinton in the summer of 2021. As such, my nursery is shut down for the rest of the 2021 season.

Please check back in spring 2022 to see if any new plants are available! Sign up for my newsletter to received news otherwise.

All plants are $4 each or $10 for 3 unless otherwise marked

Updated August 15, 2021

I will adjust inventory as plant stock rotates through the season. There will be more plants coming up as I germinate them through the spring. Check back every few weeks to see what will be forthcoming.

Plants are sold first come, first serve. I can accept e-transfer or PayPal if you don’t feel comfortable using cash, and can leave them outside for pickup to minimize direct contact.

List of plant inventory is as follows:


SOLD OUT FOR 2021! Thank you all for your patronage. Almost all are of certified organic, heirloom and/or open pollinated source. (Please note: Tomatoes and peppers should not be planted until night time temps are reliably around 10 degrees Celsius, usually around May 15-20, but sometimes earlier. Otherwise they will not set fruit.)


SOLD OUT FOR 2021! Thank you all for your patronage.

Unusual herbs

Ready for pickup.

  • 30 x Comfrey (Bocking no. 14 variety) – Powerful medicine plant which also creates huge mulching leaves for your garden and compost. Bees flock to the flowers in droves. Sterile comfrey variety that does not spread by seed.
  • 4 x Horseradish – The traditional spicy and aromatic rooted plant that is great for food or medicine. Consider planting in a large container as this spreads rather assertively.

Contact me if you’d like to buy any of these!