What and who is CFW?

Curious Fox Wildcraft aims to educate, motivate and inspire, as we cannot move forward into true sustainable living until we understand the oppressive and destructive systems that hold us hostage.

It irks me that people are seeking outside and authoritative answers to our lives’ challenges when the true, internally and locally sourced answers are right inside our hearts and in front of our faces. Living landscapes, medicine and food grow closer and more prolifically than we think yet we do not recognize and value them for what they are. We deride our green and living spaces as ‘wasted real estate/resources’ rather than living and dynamic entities that nurture, support, grow and change with us every day of our lives.

Using my background in wilderness survival, homesteading skills, farming, ecological landscaping and permaculture, I aim to offer simple, attainable solutions in order to create change in ourselves, our homes and our communities.


The face of CFW

With a fierce love of wild spaces and the natural world, Aednik is a life long Pacific Northwest resident and settler born in Coast Salish territory, who has over a decade of hands on experience and training in the farming, ecology and permaculture fields.

Her interest in permaculture was piqued in 2006 by traveling to attend Robin Wheeler’s permie weekends on the Sunshine Coast. Since then, she has completed a permaculture design course, an organic farming apprenticeship, an environmental educator-in-training program and has a Diploma in Organic Urban Land Care from Gaia College. Most recently, she has graduated from a second permaculture design course with a focus on advanced social systems design.

Her main passion is ethnobiology, the scientific study of dynamic relationships among people, biota, and environments. One of her inspirations is Nancy J. Turner, an ethnobiologist from the University of Victoria who has spent over 50 years documenting west coast Indigenous traditional environmental knowledge.

In her spare time, she indulges an avid fascination with wild crafting and traditional living skills, learning all she can about skills such as vegetable fermentation, mead making, wild dyes and folk skills such as tablet weaving, crochet and nalbinding.

Currently Aednik is undertaking an intense years-long herbalism programs with Wild Rose College and Rosemary Gladstar in order to evolve her offerings and skill set.

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