Wondering what we get up to?

What services does CFW offer? CFW is a diverse operation, offering many services and items including….

Handcrafted, artisanal items for sale.

I am an artisan who works with mainly the textile arts, such as crochet, sewing, nalbinding and weaving (tablet, inkle and rigid heddle). I also create delightful preserves as well as make soap and body care products from organic, local and sustainable ingredients when possible.

Visit my shop to see what items I currently have for sale.

Sewing, weaving and crochet commissions.

Have an item of clothing that needs mending or creating? Have something that needs a bit of pizazz and decoration? Ask me if I can help!

For more examples of items I’ve made, head on over to my Instagram page to check out photos.

Holistic ecological life and landscape design services.

Wondering what ecological means? By working with your landscape’s inherent values and attributes rather than fight against them, we can create symbiotic, cohesive environments that are beautiful, lower-maintenance and less resource intensive, maybe even a little regenerative!

To be fully holistic, I also offer social design services that aim to help you integrate your lifestyle needs with your landscape. Curious as to what this means? Connect with me to find out!

Soon to be offered… Workshops on various topics including but not limited to: herbalism, wilderness skills, homesteading skills, ecology, ethnobotany, gardening.

Your support of this small and local business offers me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and create new offerings!

With the aid and mentorship of some amazing holistic- and regenerative-focused womyn, I hope to transition into teaching, herbalism and ecological design in the near future.

Small-scale landscape maintenance services, including weeding, plant installation, pruning, lawn cutting and leaf and litter cleanup.

Why small-scale? To keep my one-person operation manageable, I use hand tools rather than resource-hungry power tools, and only take on projects that are within my physical boundaries.

This aspect of my business will eventually be phased out as I transition into new career paths and life experiences. If you have a small short-term project that needs some love, please feel free to contact me in the meantime.

If you need a larger crew or equipment to work on your project, I would be happy to recommend another company to handle the matter.